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Two 10 year old Percheron geldings.  Contact Darvin Szeles at 306-547-5589 or 306-547-7772 (cell)

Black and grey Percherons - broke to drive.  Phone Arden Dust at 306-682-3466, Humboldt

Bob sleigh parts.  Call Bill Aulie at 306-776-2275.

New calendars available.  These calendars are from July 2016 to June 2017.  Available at the S.W.T.A. field day or by mail plus postage.  Call 306-886-2050 or email

Horses, Harness and Homesteads - The History of Draft Horses in Saskatchewan.  Softcover, with 240 pages, and almost 600 pictures.  For more information, or to order call Merlin at 306-338-9672.

Great gift ideas.  The SWTA has promotional items for sale.  Hats are 15.00, tee-shirts 20.00, coffee mugs 6.00, bunny hugs/hoodies 40.00 (prepaid orders only).  Does not include postage.  306-886-2050 or email

Newfoundland Ponies.  Very versatile, all around perfect ponies.  Can be ridden, driven and used for choring.  For more information visit our website at   G.R. Maxwell, Radisson, SK.  Phone (306) 827-2205, Cell: (306) 386-7093.


IL Farrier Service. Ian Leroux, Tisdale, SK. 306-873-1446.

The Livery Stable, Bradley Funk, Langham, SK.  Phone 306-262-4580.  Supply store for harness, repairs and much more.

Randy Wolfe – Wheelwright.  Wheels, shafts, plow handles, eveners, and much more.  Randy Wolfe, Saskatoon, SK.  Phone 306-933-4763.


A caboose.  Call Willie at 306-276-2378.

The SWTA is looking for any odd or unusual horse drawn equipment to be donated, or for a nominal fee.  Call the SWTA at 306-886-2050, or email